Banana Peel Benefits

Banana Peel Benefits

This everyday fruit has many more benefits, than just being edible. We all know the health benefits of a banana, it is rich in Potassium, helps in constipation, but did you know that there are benefits of its peel too? Listed below are some common uses that the banana peel could be used to treat!

Banana peels can be used as a Botox for your skin. Not only does it moisturizes your skin but also gives it a younger, softer appearance. It also is known to reduce wrinkles!

Do you have puffy eyes when you wake up in the morning? It can be reduced with the application of chilled banana peels. Lie back and enjoy them over your eyelids, till they become warm.

Cracks on your heels? Rub the peel and it makes a lot of difference as it moisturises and heals the skin!

Do you have warts and want to remove them? Here is a very good home remedy for wart removal. Take a brown peel or a yellow peel banana and clean it, apply some tea tree oil and attach it to the wart with a medical tape. Repeat it till the wart turns black and falls off.

Banana skin is very effective in healing acne and clearing the blemishes. Its natural properties heals the acne and leaves absolutely no mark or blemish. The anti –inflammatory property of banana peels is used to get rid of blemishes and dark skin. Rub the inside of the peel for 5-10 minutes and wash your face.

Have you been stung by a bee or have bug bites? Rub a moist banana peel over it. The fruit acids, vitamins and minerals help soothe the pain and itching. This also is known to work for poison oak and poison ivy.

There is no absolute cure for Psoriasis, skin becomes dry and itchy but there could be something that helps! And what else but the banana! Rub the skin with a banana peel and see your dry skin dissipate gradually.

Hemorrhoid are swollen veins, if a banana peel is applied, the sugar content in it shrinks them and provides relief.

All in all, there are many health benefits to a banana, whether you eat it or not. A Banana a day keeps the doctors away!

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