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“Don’t Slip!”   A warning that catches your attention is worth having. The most common caution signs and cones were evaluated in a perception study with 246 participants to determine the effectiveness of the delivery of the warning message. Four products were tested (2 signs, 2 cones). Results show that “Banana Cone” significantly outperformed all of the products examined, more than 22x that of standard A-Frames. Attention is a prerequisite to message processing, and thus avoidance action.

The global banana peel slip dates back to the early 1800’s.  Lack of sanitation and little regulations resulted in an abundance in trash on the streets. It didn’t take long for bananas to rot, turning the sidewalks into slime-covered booby traps. Now a popular comedy gag worldwide, the banana peel slip is recognized by both children and adults. The “don’t slip” warning is inherent in the shape of the cone.

Banana Cones©


Banana Cones– Unique design draws more attention
– Delivers a clear “don’t slip” warning message 
– Four sided for a 360 degree view
– Stackable for easy storage 
– They are hilarious
– SKU 1001 (Left) Dimensions: 60cm x 30cm x 30cm   
– SKU 1101 (Right) Dimensions: 90cm x 37cm x 37cm 

2013_Innovation_Visitors-Choice_WinnerBanana Cone Distributor Award




BP_WeightRing_GiantBanana_WatermarkBananas ImageBP_WeightRingCaution, Wet Floor, Banana Peel Stem